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Which Kind of Battery is Better for Solar Street Light?

One of the main challenges in providing light for any location is wiring. Long wiring distances not only increase the cost but also wastes electrical energy. Besides, the installation is complex, and severe safety risks are involved.

With the emergence of solar off-grid technology, standalone lighting systems, gradually won the market against traditional power distribution networks for lighting.

In certain regions, using a stand-alone solar system is a must. Imagine a remote area without grid power, or a place where laying cables is economically expensive/insufficient. There a high-quality reliable off-grid lighting system would be required, to decrease the installation/ maintenance costs.

Which Kind of Battery Is Better for Solar Street Light?

The three common types of solar street lights are: Conventional Split solar street light system, All in one solar street light, and All in Two solar led street lamps, but either lighting system requires a powerful lithium battery to support. But either lighting system requires a powerful lithium battery.

Lithium batteries are small, light and easy to transport. Compared with the same power solar street light all-in-one lithium storage system and lead-acid gel battery, the weight is about one-third and the volume is about one-third. This makes transportation easier and naturally reduces transportation costs.

Lithium batteries have high energy density and a life span of up to 5 years. Energy density refers to the amount of energy stored in a given unit of space or mass. The higher the energy density of a battery, the more power is stored per unit of weight or volume. There are many factors that affect the life of a lithium battery, of which energy density is one of the most important internal factors.

Lithium batteries usually do not require maintenance for 5 years, saving a lot of maintenance and after-sales costs.

The area and shape of lithium battery can be changed at will, which greatly improves the flexibility of battery shape design. Manufacturers can make batteries of any shape and capacity according to users' needs; and lithium batteries are dry batteries, which are safer, more stable and more secure than lead-acid batteries.

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