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20 kWh Solar Energy Storage System

This solar kit consist of 18*550W solar panels, 1*10kW hybrid inverters, 4*5.12kWh  battery modules and paired necessary solar cables. This system can not only power dryer and stove, heating, washer, dishwasher and other home appliances, but also can start some motors at the same time .The domestic solar energy storage systems can be designed as on-grid and off-grid system, grid-tide system can be charged the batteries at the low rate and sell the surplus electric to the grid at peak rates. More importantly, coupled with lithium battery to store the excess power, its a reliable power source to accomodate any disconnect in daily life.

Details of 20 kWh Solar Energy Storage System

IP65 Solid Solar Panel for Long-Time Use

The high modules conversion efficiency 580Watt Monocrystalline solar cells. It designed waterproof, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use. Suitable for industrial and professional applications, like caravan, RV, golf car, yacht, boat etc.

LiFePO4 battery
  • LFP Battery, Safe and long Cycle life   

  • Stackable design, easy installation   

  • Compatible with a variety of mainstream 

Match a Variety of Mainstream Inverter Brands
  • Color LCD display screen, with support for touch control, IP65 protection degree

  • Support Max. 16 pcs parallel for enrgy storage system

  • Excellent load adaptability, stability, can provide the same AC as ordinary home

  • Support for off-grid system operation and bidirectional conversion of electricity 

PV Combiner Box

The PV combiner box organizes the connection and confluence of PV modules. Used to reduce the connection between photovoltaic arrays and inverters and optimize the system structure. This makes it easier to cut off the circuit during maintenance and reduce the scope of power outages when the photovoltaic system fails. It will make the solar system work at its best and increase the output power.

Energy Storage Systems Residential

Covering ground wires, photovoltaic wires, communication wires, MC4 connectors and other accessories. The system is one-stop purchasing, making it user-friendly.

Specification of 20 kWh Solar Energy Storage System

Configuration list of the 20kWh home solar energy storage system
Product nameQuantityModelSpecification
Solar panel18RM-550W-182M550W
PV box1ECEPV-20000/
Cable300MEarth cable/DC cableBVR 6mm²
PV1-F 6mm²
Mounting system1setCustomizable/

Rated AC output active power (W)10000
Maximum AC output power (W)11000
Rated AC output current (A)15.2/14.5
Maximum AC current (A)16.7/15.9
AC output frequency and voltage50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380, 230/400Vac
Grid typeThree phase
BMS communication portRS485; CAN
weight (kg)33.6
Size (H x W x T mm)422 x 699.3 x279 (excluding connectors and hangers)
IP levelIP65

Rated Voltage(V)51.2
RatedCapacity (Ah)100
Rated energy(KWh)5.12
System operating voltage range(V)40-58.4
Max continuous charge current(A)100
Max continuous discharge current(A)100
Recommended C rate0.2-0.5C
Recomend charge/ discharge current(A)50
Operating temperature(℃)-20~+60
Communicating functionCAN/RS485
Battery size(W*D*H/mm)520*500*350
Battery boxIron
Proscan be used in offgrid and hybrid steups,compact design
Alarm and protectionOver voltage, under voltage, short circuit, overload, over current, over temperature, low temperature protection, etc.

Solar panel
maximum power(Vp)550
open circuit voltage(V)50.1
short-circuit current(A)13.95
optimum operating voltage(V)42.1
optimum operating current(A)13.07
conversion efficiency21.26

Can the 20 Kwh Home Energy Storage System Charge Your Electric Car?

A 20 KWh photovoltaic system is configured with 18550W photovoltaic panels. With an average of 4 hours of light a day, 40 KWh a day. This is enough to meet the needs of an average home. How to deal with the huge surplus power is a question worth thinking about. A charging pile compatible with photovoltaic charging is the best choice.

Home solar EV charging system The existence to a certain extent greatly convenient for customers to use. There is no need to queue up at public charging stations to make sure that electric cars are fully charged when they go out in the morning. Second, charging at home, especially during off-peak hours, is much cheaper than public charging.

20 KWh Solar Energy Storage System 

Can the 20 Kwh Home Energy Storage System Charge Your Electric Car

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