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ECE Energy's 2021 Year-End Summary and 2022 Strategic Planning Meeting

The bell of 2022 is ringing, announcing the end of the Era 1.0 era. It is also announced that the first "3-year plan" of ECE Energy has been completed, and the era of Entrepreneurship 2.0 has officially begun!

In order to summarize the performance of ECE Energy in the past year in 2021, reflect on the deficiencies in the development process, clarify the company's guiding ideology, and plan the second "3-year plan", ECE Energy will be held from January 1 to January 2022. On the 2nd, "In the past three years, stick to the original intention and lay a solid foundation; in the new three years, keep in mind the mission and develop steadily" – ECE Energy's 2021 year-end summary and 2022 strategic planning meeting was held at Ruijin Zhongshan International Hotel.

At the meeting, founder & chairman Wang Zhenyu delivered an important speech "In uncertain times, how to consolidate the foundation and develop steadily? ", which focuses on the three-year strategic plan of ECE Energy Entrepreneurship 2.0: clarifying the "war" function; implementing the "fundraising" plan; strengthening the three major actions of "ideological organization" construction.

ECE Energy's 2021 Year-End Summary and 2022 Strategic Planning Meeting

ECE Energy's 2021 Year-End Summary and 2022 Strategic Planning Meeting

The following is the full text of Chairman Wang Zhenyu's speech at the Ruijin Strategy Conference:


2022 begins, which means that the era of 1.0 ECE entrepreneurship is over, that is, our first "3-year plan" is completed; at the same time, we have opened the era of 2.0 ECE entrepreneurship, there must be flowers and applause ahead, but more Let us be prepared and determined to unite as one to climb the slopes and cross the hurdles, open up roads in the mountains, and build bridges in the water!

How to make a good start for the second "3-year plan" is my responsibility and my mission. So today I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about how to consolidate the foundation and develop steadily in the era of great changes in the past century?

1. Correctly understand the severe internal and external economic situation, adhere to the management and development ideas of "stability" and seeking progress in "stability"

The epidemic has caused heavy damage to the global economy, especially the stability and security of the global industrial chain. Because epidemic prevention and control and blockades have become extremely fragile, the suspension of trade and economic activities for a short period of time seems to have become the norm. Compared with previous years, the domestic economic development has declined significantly. The national level has proposed an economic development strategy with the word "steady" as the top priority. As a real enterprise, it must face up to the opportunities and difficulties it faces, and firmly grasp it in the new three-year plan. The business policy of "seeking progress while maintaining stability", "steady" and healthy operation, no fussing, and pragmatic struggle is unswerving!

2. Soberly aware of the fierce industry competition in the energy storage market, and always maintain a sense of crisis

The energy storage market is at the cusp of the times, and there is huge room for development. But at the same time, the competition among peers is becoming increasingly fierce, the industry standards are uncertain, and cross-border enterprises are also crowding into the competition… How does ECE have a bright future, and at the same time, the energy storage market with potential crisis is in an invincible position, becoming the New contributor? Perpetually maintaining a sense of crisis, adhering to the strategy of "one body and two wings", coordinating the four "confidences", and pragmatically following the market and technology route are the only magic weapons for us to win with stability.

3. All staff resolutely implement the new three-year strategic plan of Entrepreneurship 2.0: clarify the function of "warfare"; implement the "fundraising" plan; strengthen the construction of "ideological organization" three major actions

Looking back on the first "3-year plan", although there are some shortcomings – market crisis, talent crisis, system crisis, etc.; but the achievements are quite full – national high-tech enterprises, "specialized and special new" enterprises in Guangdong Province, Passing the three-system certification, being elected as the vice chairman unit of the industry association, etc., these are the crystallization of the hard work and struggle of our 1.0 generation, and also the glory and mission of this generation; the 2.0 era also requires firm belief, not afraid of hardship, and continuous Struggle; to create the glory and mission of our 2.0 generation!

What flag will you hold in the next three years? Which way to go? It determines how far, how big and how strong the trillion can go. In order to realize the steady and long-term development of trillion trillion, all comrades must resolutely implement the three major actions-"war fighting", "fundraising", and "ideological organization construction", that is, devoting all efforts to consolidate and develop the market, and try their best to raise development funds, Strengthen the ideological and organizational construction of the enterprise, and firmly establish confidence in belief, road, organization, and culture, and ensure that the second "3-year plan" of ECE always advances successfully in the right direction.

ECE is a community of interests, not a community that puts money first. The fate of ECE should be jointly controlled by all comrades. . "Those with the same heart from top to bottom are strong, and those with the same desire from top to bottom win", I believe that under the continuous struggle of our Entrepreneurship 2.0 generation, ECE will surely become a company that "contributes to society, has value to partners, and is responsible for shareholders. Let employees have dignity" "four have" enterprise!

Comrades of ECE, we are fortunate to be born in this great country and era. We look forward to working with you to do something practical for the country and contribute to the entity enterprise of ECE; Come on, the contributors and strugglers of the times who are only fighting for the day and night!

Founder & Chairman of ECE Energy Wang Zhenyu

January 2022

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