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How do stacked batteries work?

Stacked battery is a battery system made of vertical or horizontal superposition of multiple battery packs. Together with inverters and photovoltaic panels, it forms a household energy storage battery system to store electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. It is used to ordinary home and office uninterrupted power supply system; for various household appliances such as air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, electric rice cooker, hot kettle, lighting, and digital products and medical equipment.

So how do the stacked batteries work?

The system is mainly composed of four five kWh battery packs in parallel, combined through the power lines and the communication lines behind the battery pack, with a total capacity of 20kWh.

The battery pack expands its capacity by stacking to ensure that the battery system can be stably powered. At the same time, the communication line between the battery packs enables the BMS to monitor the status of each battery pack in real time and protect it for safety when needed.


Secondly, the stacked battery need to be matched with solar panels, inverters and meters to form a photovoltaic energy storage system. Thus realizing the function of energy storage and release.The solar panels provide power support for the whole system, and the inverter is the power transfer station of the system, which supports the free switching of direct current and alternating current.

In the morning, when the sun is weak, the photovoltaic power generation is less, and the household load power supply is mainly stored by the battery;At noon, the light is sufficient with large electricity generation, the excess electricity is stored in the battery, or the grid is sold to the power company;At night, the light intensity is weak, and the energy consumption of the home load is large. The energy storage system calls the power stored by the battery to provide the energy source for the electrical equipment.


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