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100 kWh-500kWh Outdoor All-in-one Energy Storage Cabinet

ECE One-stop outdoor energy storage system is a beautifully designed turnkey solution for energy storage system. The commercial solar battery storage system is loaded with cell modules, PCS, photovoltaic controller (MPPT) (optional), EMS management system, fire protection system, temperature control system and monitoring system. The system configuration is modular, support multi-machine parallel, plug and play, easy to install and maintenance. The IP54 waterproof shell makes it perfect to adapt to a variety of indoor or outdoor industrial and commercial application scenarios, such as photovoltaic charging stations, industrial parks, farms, etc.

Applications of 100kWh-500kWh Outdoor All-in-one Energy Storage Cabinet

Integrated Solar+ESS Charging Station
  • Integrated Solar+ESS design, suitable for access of PV.

  • New energy vehicles use PV clean electricity as priority.

  • Off-grid operation can ensure that chargers will work even when there is power outage.

  • Power transfer and peak-load shiftingto achieve electricity cost saving

Integrated Outdoor BESS
  • On-grid/off-grid switching in milliseconds to realize noninductive shifting between utility grid and PVon wind energy storage systems.

  • Suitable for remote villages, farms,. etc. where no power deployment onlack of power

  • Solar give priority to supplying power to the load and charging BESS, when insufficient, the BESS will provide power to the load.

  • Flexibly meet the access of other backup power sources such as diesel generators and gas generators.

Integrated Outdoor BESS
  • Patented safety design, auto motivehgrade, high-performance LiFePo4 battery, safe and reliable.

  • Suitable for direct acaess of PW modules and boost green buildings develpment.

  • Peak and valley operation, effectively reduding electricity bills and operating expenses.

Energy Management System
  • Cormbined with EMS to achieve intelligent operation.

  • Apply to green emergency power backup.

  • Suitable for peak-load shifting and saving electricity bills.

  • Flexibly meet the requirement of load expansion, demand management, investment saving, energy Conservation ard emission reduction.

Specification of 100 kWh-500kWh Outdoor All-in-one Energy Storage Cabinet

Battery parameter
Battery rated energy storage capacity107.52kWh215.04kWh516.096kWh
System rated voltage384V768V614.4V
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Cell capacity280Ah
Battery series and parallel connection1P“24S*5Pack1P“24S*10Pack1P“24S*8Pack
AC parameter
Rated AC power50kW100kW250kW
Rated AC current72A144A360A
Rated AC voltage400V3P+N+PE,50Hz
Current total Norm wave distortion rate<3%
power factor-1 advance ~ + 1 lag
General parameter
Isolation methodNot isolated (optional transformer)
Operating temperature-25-60°C(derate above 45°C)
altitude3000m (derate above 3000m)
Communication InterfaceRS485/CAN2.0/Ethernet / dry contact
Dimensions (W * D * H/mm)1200"1200*23001200"1200*23003000 *1500 *2300

System configuration

Battery system107kWhSet1Cell: 3.2V280Ah
Pack: 1P20S
Battery cluster: 6
Energy storage converter50kW AC energy storage converter modulePCS1Modular
Photovoltaic controller50kW DC converter modulePCS4Modular
Air Conditioning SystemAC3000 220±15%VAC 50HZSet1
Fire Fighting SystemQRR0.25GW/S-THFSet1Thermal line activation
Auxiliary systemAccess control, smoke detectors, water immersion detection devicesSet1
Management systemLotus-ESSSet1Composed of BMS+EMS

Features of 100 KWh-500KWh Outdoor All-in-one Energy Storage Cabinet

●  Integrate energy storage batteries, PCS, energy management monitoring system, power distribution system, environmental control system and fire control system to fully control the system operating status and risks;

● Configured with a rack-mounted modular PCS, it supports parallel connection of multiple machines and has good scalability; the number of PCS modules and the total battery power can be selected according to the solar energy thermal storage system capacity requirements of microgrid and other scenarios.

●  The protection level is IP54, which can perfectly cope with various types of outdoor weather;

●  The door-mounted embedded integrated air conditioner does not occupy cabinet space, increases the available space of outdoor cabinets, has better top structural integrity and good waterproofing effect;

●  The local control panel can realize various functions such as system operation monitoring, energy management strategy formulation, and remote equipment upgrade.

All In One Solar Power System 12V

Battery Cabibet Capacity Configuration

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