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Intelligent Lithium Battery

Smart lithium backup power use of lithium iron phosphate cell, safe and reliable, support for old and new batteries, lithium lead acid battery mixed use, significantly reduce operating costs.

Specification of Intelligent Lithium Battery

Model48V 100Ah
Pack Method15S 1P
Rated voltage48V
Rated capacity ±5%100Ah
Rated energy ±5%4.8kWh
Input voltage43.2V DC~58V DCAny value within the voltage range is
Normal charging
Output voltage48V DC~57V DCConstant voltage discharge, the default is
-57V DC
Maximum charging power4800W
Maximum charging current100A
Maximum discharge power4800W
Maximum discharge current100A
Constant voltage discharge regulation
Comm PortCAN/RS485
Interface parametersPower terminal: 2 M6 OT terminals
Monitoring interface: 1 RS485, 2 RJ45

Maximum number of parallel groups30 groups
atmospheric pressure70kPa~106kPa
Cooling waynatural cooling
Anti-theft functionSoftware anti-theft function, gyroscope movement monitoring, etc.
Alerts and protection capabilitiesOver temperature, low temperature, over current, short circuit, over charge, Over discharge, etc.
Battery pack size441*399*129mm
Battery boxsheet metal
Battery pack weight≈42kg

Operation Interface of Intelligent Lithium Battery

Battery Using Instruction

Feacture of Intelligent Lithium Battery

  • Parallel power expansion characteristics: N groups of parallel connections support maximum power P≤24kW. Please refer to the parallel application for specific calculations.

  • Mix and match application: supports direct parallel use with lead-acid batteries.

  • Maintenance-free: Save customers battery operation and maintenance testing costs and reduce the frequency of site replacement.

  • Long life: The lifespan is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. At the same time, it can realize real-time online monitoring of site battery health and storage capacity, improving site backup reliability.

  • Safe and reliable: All-round safety design of cells/packs, over-current self-recovery, 100% self-safety, and can self-extinguish fires caused by extreme external causes.

  • Asset protection: Intelligent software anti-theft design, intelligent displacement lock, buzzer alarm, GPS, etc. minimize the theft rate

Battery Cabinet Installation

Battery Charging And Discharging Performance

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