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Household Energy Storage System

When you think of batteries, you probably first think of using disposable batteries for everyday appliances, such as TV remote controls. But what you may not have known is that by using (much larger) batteries, you can power your entire home.

Whether you are often troubled by power outages, want to reduce electricity bills, or want to control power transmission independently to achieve energy independence and peak and valley arbitrage, batteries are the ideal choice for your home power supply. You don't need a complicated home solar panel system to enjoy the benefits of batteries, but you'll get more out of it if you combine batteries with your solar panel system, especially if your utility company doesn't pay for it. When excess electricity is generated by solar panels.

We'll break it down for you, how to tell if a backup battery is right for your needs, and how to get the best price for a battery system that suits your situation.

A solar home energy storage system is a system that converts solar energy into electricity and stores it. The system is usually made up of photovoltaic panels, energy storage cells, inverters, and control systems.

1. Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels are a device that uses solar energy to generate electricity, usually consisting of a series of photovoltaic cells that can convert solar energy into electricity. Photovoltaic panels have a wide range of applications in domestic, commercial and industrial power, as well as public facilities and renewable energy projects.

The power generation efficiency of photovoltaic panels depends on multiple factors, including light intensity, temperature, Angle and pollution degree. Under normal circumstances, the photovoltaic panels can work at any angle, but the optimal angle is perpendicular to the direction of the sun's light. In heavily polluted cities or industrial areas, the efficiency of photovoltaic panels may be affected because pollutants cover the surface of photovoltaic cells, affecting their ability to absorb solar energy.

2. Energy storage battery

Energy storage battery is a battery that can store electricity and release it when needed. They are usually composed of lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, with the advantages of high energy density, long life, environmental protection and so on.

ECE-stacked 20 KWh home energy storage batteryECE-5 KWh solar batteryECE-20 KWh cabinet solar energy storage

1. ECE-stacked 20 KWh home energy storage battery.  2. ECE-5 KWh solar battery.  3. ECE-20 KWh cabinet solar energy storage

3. Inverter

An inverter is a kind of power electronic device that converts DC power supply to AC power supply. It is usually composed of semiconductor switching devices, such as transistors, field effect tubes, etc., by controlling the switch to convert direct current into alternating current. According to the connection mode of the inverter and the power grid, the home energy storage system can be divided into the following types:

(1) Grid-connected system, photovoltaic and energy storage system can be connected to the power grid, and the power can be purchased from the power grid when the photovoltaic or battery power is insufficient.

Suitable for the power system stability, relatively low electricity price area.

(2) The off-grid system is suitable for desert, islands and other areas without power grid or areas where the power grid is unstable and needs self-use.

An off-grid energy storage converter, usually with a diesel generator interface to replenish power at night when the battery is insufficient.

(3) The off-grid all-in-one machine, with the function of off-grid switching or integrating grid-connected and off-grid mode in one machine, can complete the switch into off-grid mode in case of power failure, which is suitable for areas with unstable power system and frequent power failure.

4. Control system

The control system is used to control the operation of the whole system to ensure the stability and safety of the photovoltaic home energy storage system.

ECE ENERGY is a professional developer and manufacturer of home energy storage systems dedicated to providing advanced energy storage solutions to consumers around the world. We have many years of research and development experience and first-class manufacturing processes to provide safe, reliable and efficient energy storage systems for the home.

The lithium iron phosphate photovoltaic cells we provide not only have a long life, stable performance, but also have high energy density and excellent electrochemical properties. These cells can effectively store solar energy and provide electricity when needed, helping households reduce their reliance on traditional power grids. These systems can meet the needs of different families, whether it is urban apartments, suburban housing or country houses, we can provide suitable solutions.

Our products are designed and manufactured to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, and all energy storage systems are strictly quality-controlled and tested to ensure that they operate stably under a variety of conditions. We are convinced that by using our energy storage systems, households can make better use of renewable energy and achieve energy self-sufficiency while contributing to protecting the earth's environment.

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