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5G UPS Station Battery

With the continuous advancement of the construction of smart city, the traditional communication system is faced with the three challenges of big data, large traffic and large energy consumption. In the era of 5G, the form, power consumption, site and coverage of the distributed base stations of mobile communication are constantly being upgraded, requiring higher bandwidth, lower latency and more connections. To adapt to these features, more reliable and economical power supply solutions are needed for new base stations. Intelligent communication energy system can support data information exchange and sharing in any scenario (indoor, outdoor), providing power energy solutions for base stations and communication equipment.

Communication iron tower system is an important part of communication infrastructure, including iron tower, machine room (cabinet), supporting facilities and station site. Iron tower is the core asset of communication tower system, which is used to carry communication antenna and is an important carrier of communication network. The machine room includes self-built and leased two modes, used to carry carrier communication equipment. The supporting equipment of the tower system includes mains, distribution box, switching power supply, battery, air conditioning, FSU, etc., which provide the necessary support for the normal operation of the tower system.

5G Telecom Station Backup System

In the 4G era, the maximum power consumption of a single base station can reach 1300W. Since 5G uses a larger array antenna and higher bandwidth, the base station will process massive data, and the energy consumption is significantly higher than the original 3G and 4G base stations. In this application scenario of base station expansion, lead-acid batteries are gradually replaced by lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of use cost and performance.

ECE Energy 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate Communication Backup Battery Series

The voltage of this series of batteries is 48V, and it is suitable for the backup power supply of various communication equipment, such as base stations, switches, routers, etc. Its high energy density can meet the needs of the long-time operation of the equipment, and the long-life design can effectively reduce the frequency of battery replacement and save the maintenance cost. The quick charging function can greatly shorten the charging time and improve the operating efficiency of the device.

In addition, this series of batteries also has excellent high temperature resistance and vibration performance, can maintain stable performance in extreme environments. The battery interior adopts advanced protection circuit design, which can effectively prevent overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit and other safety problems, and ensure the safety and reliability of equipment operation. The 48V lithium iron phosphate communication backup battery series provides more efficient, more reliable and safer solutions for the backup power supply, and makes the operation of communication equipment more stable and reliable.

Advantages of 5G UPS Station Battery

High Speed and Efficiency: 5G UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) station batteries support the high-speed data transmission rates of 5G networks. This ensures that the network operates efficiently, even in the event of a power outage.

Reliable Power Supply: These batteries provide a reliable power backup solution for 5G stations, ensuring uninterrupted network service. This is crucial for maintaining connectivity and preventing data loss.

Long Lifespan: 5G UPS station batteries are typically designed for long-term use, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus lowering maintenance costs.

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