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The 1.6MWh Container Energy Storage Project is Progressing Steadily, Demonstrating the Strength of the ECE Energy Storage System Integration

The energy storage system installation is based on standardized containers. According to the capacity configuration requirements of the system, a 40-foot standard container is selected, and the 1.6MWh energy storage battery, PCS, AC and DC power distribution cabinet, local monitoring system, environmental control system, and fire protection system function modules are all centrally installed in the container, please refer to the following table for container parameters and internal system configuration:

1Total weight of the container system<35 tons
2Three-dimensional dimensions (W*D*H ㎜)40-foot standard container
3Protection classIP54
4Refrigeration methodair (air conditioner + air Road)
5The air conditionerinstalled on the container escape door
6insulationlayer silica rock sandwich panel, fire resistance class A, with waterproof function,6 sides of heat preservation, ceiling and side wall thickness of 50mm, floor filled with rock wool thickness of 100mm
7Lighting systemLED energy-saving lamps + lighting power supply lines
8Fire detection systemsmoke detection, heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system, etc.
9Grounding protection and otherenergy storage container AC is TN-S power supply system, working zero line N and special protection line PE are strictly separated
10Monitoring systemPLC, switch, etc.

The energy storage battery of this project uses lithium iron phosphate power battery, which has the advantages of stable charging and discharging performance, long service life, clean and environmental protection, and can save energy to the greatest extent.

The storage medium of the energy storage system is a lithium iron phosphate battery with high safety and high cycle life, which has the characteristics of modularization and easy installation and maintenance.

The single aluminum shell is 3.2V/280Ah, and the laser spot welding technology is used to form the PACK.

The battery pack box is 1P16S, and the parameters are 51.2V/280Ah (14.336kWh). The series of 14 battery modules is 1 cluster, and the energy is 51.2V. *280Ah*14=200kWh, 8 clusters merge into a set of combiner cabinets.

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