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3000W Outdoor Portable Power Supply

2600Wh Lithium Battery with 3000 Watt AC Inverter Generator, is a must-have for any home or emergency situation. With a powerful 3000 Watt AC inverter, this portable power station can provide enough power to run essential home appliances and electronics in case of a power outage. The 2600Wh lithium battery offers long-lasting, reliable power, and can be charged using solar panels for a sustainable energy source. The Home Backup Solar Generator is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and store. With its powerful performance and convenient design, the portable outdoor solar power station 2600Wh Lithium Battery Generator 3000 Watt AC Inverter Home Backup Solar Generator is a great investment for your home and family's peace of mind.

Specification of 3000W Outdoor Portable Power Supply

General parameter
Product application areasOutdoor power supply
cooling methodNatural cooling
Rated voltage (V)25.6
Rated capacity (Ah) ±5%104
Rated energy (kWh) ±5%2.66
System overcharge protection voltage (V)30
System discharge protection voltage (V)17.6
Cell charging protection voltage (V)3.75
Cell discharge protection voltage (V)2.2
Charging operating temperature range (℃)-0~55
Discharge operating temperature range (℃)-20℃~60℃
Dimensions (mm)581*420*290
Weight (Kg)35

Output parameter
Continuous output power (W)3000
Instantaneous peak power (W)6000
Alternating current voltage (AC)220V
DC voltage V/(current A)12V DC/10A
USB、Type-c5VDC/2A*3 5VDC/2A*2

Input parameter
Charger charging parameters29.2V DC/20A
Photovoltaic charging parameters9-70V DC/30A


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