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Industrial & Commercial ESS

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Energy Storage Systems,mainly used for energy management in industrial and commercial enterprises. The industrial and commercial energy storage system is composed of battery system, battery management system (BMS), AC / DC power converter (PCS), energy management system (EMS) and other electrical circuits, protection, monitoring and control systems.

According to the different application scenarios and system sizes, the energy storage systems can be classified:

From the perspective of application scenarios, industrial and commercial energy storage and household energy storage both belong to user-side energy storage. By building microgrids with other loads, they mainly participate in the power grid operation as the load side.

In terms of system scale, the scale of industrial and commercial energy storage power stations is generally between 100 KWH and tens of megawatt hours (100 kWh-10 MWh).

Application scenarios of industrial and commercial energy storage & business model

Main application scenarios:

1) Separate configuration of energy storage: save electricity costs for enterprises through peak load shifting and valley filling, or use them as backup power supply;

2) Integration of optical storage (charging): energy storage can improve the spontaneous use rate of distributed photovoltaic and suppress the impact of charging pile;

3) Microgrid: For off-grid microgrid, energy storage can smooth new energy generation and use as backup power supply. For grid-connected microgrid, the main role of energy storage is to achieve energy optimization, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Mainstream business model:

1) Industrial and commercial users can install energy storage equipment by themselves: it can directly reduce the electricity cost, but the users need to bear the initial investment cost and the annual equipment maintenance cost.

2) Energy service enterprises to assist in the installation of energy storage: Energy service enterprises shall invest in the construction of energy storage assets and are responsible for the operation and maintenance, and industrial and commercial users will pay the electricity cost to the energy service enterprises.

3) New scenarios of user-side energy storage: charging and changing station, data center, 5G base station, port power, power changing heavy truck, etc.

Industrial and commercial energy storage is widely used and smart city, industrial park, community business district, commercial office buildings and other large industrial and commercial high energy consumption units, to realize intelligent energy management.

The main application modes include:

① Peak shifting and valley filling: charging energy storage and peak discharge, reduce the electricity cost of enterprises or parks, and save electricity charges for customers

② Demand response: When the short-term power supply is greater than the transformer capacity, the energy storage system will discharge quickly to meet the requirements of the load power demand.

③ Electricity trading: on the power market trading platform, short-term power trading combined with load forecast to maximize the revenue ④ Off-grid power backup: in case of power interruption, uninterrupted short-term power supply for important loads to reduce the economic loss caused by sudden power loss of load.

Solar Batteries for Commercial Use

Industrial and commercial energy storage products include traditional split design and integrated design. With the progress of technological iteration, the integration of energy storage products has been improved. At present, most industrial and commercial energy storage enterprises have launched integrated cabinets.

Integrated products: integrated design of AC / DC system, reduce DC cable and switches, lower product cost; and standardized design, systematic delivery, no customized products, fast site construction and debugging.

Traditional split type: it can be customized according to the demand, and the power and power of the energy storage system can be more flexibly matched according to the needs, with better adaptation for specific scenarios.

Solar Power System for Industrial Use


Product mode



The traditional solution

Container mode

Energy storage system engineering, battery cabinet, PCS, DC power distribution cabinet, AC power distribution cabinet, placed in the container

Customizable battery cabinet, PCS and other requirements

Integration solution

Battery cabinet + AC cabinet mode

Battery cabinet and PCS cabinet separate placement, built-in EMS

Support multiple  battery parallel

Integration mode

Integrated PDU, PCS, highly integrated, single cabinet is the energy storage system

Minimalist design, support multi-machine parallel, plug and play

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