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Stacked Lithium Battery for Home Energy Storage

Stacked Lithium Battery for Home Energy Storage

A low-voltage battery system consisting of multiple 5 kWh high cycle rechargeable phosphate stackable lithium batteries. This modular design of stacked lithium batteries can extend the battery energy to 45 kWH in parallel, providing superior energy storage and cycle life performance. Whether it is a small family home or a large villa, the solar stackable battery storage system can meet its power needs and is an advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly home energy battery storage solution.

ECE Energy Stacked Lithium Battery Features

ECE Energy Stacked Lithium Battery Features

  • Diversified use scenarios of 51.2 v lithium ion battery, supporting off-grid and grid-connected switching. To meet a variety of power supply needs, remote areas, developing countries, villas, ordinary families, household charging piles, etc.

  • Battery dularization, flexible configuration, easy installation and transportation. A single battery pack has uniform parameters and can be run independently.

  • Energy storage intelligent control of power distribution, rational use of clean energy, solve the power shortage in peak hours, and alleviate the contradiction of power demand. And recycle power at appropriate times to reduce energy waste.

ECE Energy Stacked Lithium Advantages

  • Home Grid Stackable Battery Design
    Home Grid Stackable Battery Design

    The Home Grid Stack'd Series offers an ease-of-install, aesthetics, and performance that is unmatched in residential batteries. Each Stack is made of suitable for applications of high power, limited installation space, and restricted load-bearing and long cycle life.

    The Stack’d Series has a built-in BMS battery management system, which can manage and monitor cell’s information including voltage, current and temperature. What’s more, the BMS can help extend the cycle life by balancing cells during charging and discharging.

  • LiFePO4(LFP)Battery Cell
    LiFePO4(LFP)Battery Cell

    The lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 or LFP) is the safest of the mainstream lithium battery types. Adopted self-cooling mode efficiently reduces any system noise.

    The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without charging on a shelf, no memory effect, with excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge.

    Working temperature range is from -10 to 55℃ (14F-131F) , (Charging 0~45℃ (32-113F); discharging -10~55℃ (14F-131F) )with excellent discharge performance and cycle life.

    Small volume, light weight, plug-in embedded design modules, are easy to install and maintain.

  • Higher Capacity Expansion
    Higher Capacity Expansion

    5.12kWh per module as a stack ,multiple battery stacks are allowed to be connected in parallel to expand capacity and power to meet the requirements of longer power supporting duration and higher power consumption. Flexible configuration, multiple battery modules can be stacked for expanding output and Capacity.

  • The Stacked Style Flexible Operate Mode
    The Stacked Style Flexible Operate Mode

    The stackable batteries allowing home owners to operate it grid-tide and off-grid ,provide with greater flexibility to change your system to meet the demand in the future.

ECE Energy Stacked Lithium FAQs

ECE Energy Stacked Lithium FAQs

  • Q What is the cycle life of the stackable solar batteries?


    Our products such as the lifepo4 51.2 v use EVE , CTAL and other high-end brand batteries, with a super long cycle life, more than 4000 +.

  • Q Do you need to connect to another device to use the home storage battery?


    In home photovoltaic energy storage systems, batteries need to work with solar panels, inverters, converters, etc., to play their role.

  • Q How long can I fill my residential lithium iron phosphate batteries?


    The charging time of the battery is based on the light conditions of the use site and the installed power of the solar panels. With our regular 5 kWh home backup power supply, 9* 580W photovoltaic panels only take about an hour to recharge the battery.

  • Q A 5 kWh lithium iron phosphate home battery can support my load running for how long?


    The answer to this question can vary across a number of factors, including your load size, how efficient the battery is, and how you use it.

    Let's do a simple calculation. Assuming your load is 100W (which could be the typical power of a light bulb, microwave, or other household appliance), an hour of maximum power will consume 1 kWh. Then one 5 kWh can last for the power supply for 5120Wh / 1000Wh= 5.12 hours.

  • Q What are the certifications for power stack battery?


    Our products have CE, ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3 and other certification.

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