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Solar Energy Storage Charger Integrated Solution

PV BESS charging station system Combining the photovoltaic garage system, battery energy storage system (BESS) and electric vehicle charging equipment, the monitoring system is integrated in one. Make full use of public space, environmental protection power generation. The photovoltaic power generation system first provides power for loads such as charging piles, and stores the excess electric energy in the commercial solar power storage batteries to supplement when the solar energy system is insufficient. Through the coordination of solar energy and energy storage systems, we can minimize the amount of electricity generated from the grid and reduce electricity bills.

Detail of Solar Energy Storage Charger Integrated Solution

Solar carport

The solar carport is a dual purpose structure that can shelter vehicles while using the sun to produce clean, renewable energy. This free electricity can be used on site and (or) used to charge the EV fleet. Solar carport can increase land value and create revenue opportunities for field operators through electric vehicle charging points, brands and advertising.

Charging Pile
  • OCPP integration.

  • Dynamic intelligent DC power sharing technology

  • Remote diagnostics, repair and updates

  • Easily connect to Charging points Management System

  • Support Ethernet, QR scanning to enter APP for charging transaction. Support extended GPRS communication.

  • Multiple charging modes are optional according to time, quantity, amount, Autofill and so on.

  • A 7-inch display screen can display the charging status in real time.

  • There are three charging state indication including power supply, charging, fault.

Integrated Outdoor BESS
  • 215 KWh outdoor integrated energy storage cabinet, combined with photovoltaic power generation system to realize self-use and saving.

  • The system is equipped with battery, PCS, EMS, and a one-stop solution for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Support multi-machine parallel, can be freely expanded, to meet a variety of use scenarios.

Specification of Solar Energy Storage Charger Integrated Solution

Solar Carport
Component modelRAM-530W-182/114RAM--540W-182/114RAM--550W-182/114
Maximum power Pmax(Wp)530540550
Open circuit voltage Voc(V)49.3249.6950.1
Short circuit current Isc(A)13.713.8613.95
Optimum operating voltage Vmpp(V)41.4141.7242.1
Most working electronics Jmpp(A)12.8112.9513.07
Component conversion efficiency20.4920.8821.26

Battery storage system
Battery parameter
Battery rated energy storage capacity107.52KWh215.04KWh516.096KWh
System rated voltage384V768V614.4V
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Cell capacity280Ah
Battery series and parallel connection1P“24S*5Pack1P“24S*10Pack1P“24S*8Pack
AC parameter
Rated AC power50kW100kW250kW
Rated AC current72A144A360A
Rated AC voltage400V3P+N+PE,50Hz
Current total Norm wave distortion rate<3%
power factor-1 advance ~ + 1 lag
General parameter
Communication InterfaceRS485/CAN2.0/Ethernet / dry contact
Dimensions (W * D * H/mm)1200"1200*23001200"1200*23003000 *1500 *2300
Charging pile
ModelECE60KW-DC-EU01Power60 KW DC Charger with two guns
Input VoltageAC 380-400V 3phOutput VoltageDC200-750V
Output Current100A/80AOpen Charge Point ProtocalOCPP1.6 / OCPP2.0
Current THD<5%Certificate / ComplianceCE / EN 61851-1/-23
ProtectionOver current, Under voltage, Over voltage.Surge protection,Short circuit, Over temperature, Ground faultEnclosure Protection againstExternal Mechanical ImpactsIK10 according IEC 62262
Charge optionCharge by duration, Charge by energy, Charge by feeUser authenticationPaypal and (or) NFC card
Display screen9’ touch screenCharging interfaceCCS2
IP GradeIP54Charging cable length5m
CoolingForced airWeight<260kg
Network interfaceEthernet (standard); Wi-Fi, 4G (optional)Dimension (W*D*H) mm700*750*1750(mm)

System Operation Logic of Industrial Solar Battery Storage

DC bus solution of PV BESS EV charging station

The DC bus solution of PV BESS EV charging station adopts the architecture of DC bus power supply for DC bus. It transforms the DC power from grid,PV system, Battery into the matching voltage range with the charging of new energy vehicles through the DC / DC charging module.

  • DC coupling to reduce the loss of direct intersection transformation

  • Photovoltaic direct supply charging pile to improve the utilization rate of new energy

  • Energy storage system, peak load shifting and valley filling, reduce the distribution capacity of the power grid

  • Solve the problem of power distribution and capacity expansion

DC Bus Solution of Pv Bess EV Charging Station

AC Bus Solution of PV BESS EV Charging Station

The AC bus solution of PV BESS EV charging station is a commonly used optical storage and charging solution, which is widely used in the application of charging station system expansion and complementary application of the system.

  • PV system, energy storage, battery integrated container solution

  • Large access power range, flexible design

  • It can be used for micro-grid applications such as power supply, electricity sales in industrial parks, large charging stations and other applications

  • The energy storage system can participate in peak load shifting and valley filling, reduce the distribution capacity of the power grid, and solve the problem of distribution capacity expansion

AC Bus Solution of PV BESS EV Charging Station

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