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All-in-one Integrated Home Energy Storage System

Solar Storage Wall ESS lithium battery is an integrated backup power system, a multi-function inverter/charger / solar system. It plug and play, compact design to help you save space. The energy storage system integrates the inverter, battery and charger to provide users with convenient and uninterrupted energy support.

The system is compatible with mains power, generator input, and diversified use scenarios, and MPPT photovoltaic controller is added to support photovoltaic power generation. The product has built-in intelligent BMS, with overload / over temperature / short circuit/overcurrent protection function.

Detail of All-in-one Integrated Home Energy Storage System

51.2V 100AH LFP Battery

The 51.2V 100AH LFP Battery is compact, well-designed, LCD, and cable/accessories ready for installation. ≥4000 cycles deep cycle & 5 years warranty, designed for up to 20-year life.

2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

2000W pure sine wave inverter, to meet the daily household load and small equipment electricity, such as fans, microwave oven, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc. Support the mains power and photovoltaic charging, to ensure the safety of your electricity use at any time.

Specification of All-in-one Integrated Home Energy Storage System

Battery Specs
Nominal energy5.12KWh
Operating Voltage Range43V - 58.8V
Output parameters
Continuous output power2000W
Peak power3000W
AC outputAC220V 50HZ
Type-c5V 2A
DC output12VDC /20A*2
Input parameters
PV input12-90V 600W
Charging Voltage Range
Rated charge/discharge current50 A
Cell Configuration16S
Operating temperaturecharge :0℃~+55℃
Storage temperature0℃~+35℃ (max 6 months)
BMS Specs
Max Continuous Discharge100Ah
Max Continuous Power2500W
Max Peak Discharge100Ah
Max Charge Current100Ah
Communication interfaceCAN,RS485,RS232
Dimensions (W*H*D, mm)770*450*220mm
Operating conditions
Installation locationWall mounted
Altitude≤ 4000 m
CoolingNatural cooling


Lifepo4 Battery Power Wall

Outstanding Features of All-in-one Integrated Home Energy Storage System

1. Intelligent fully automatic dynamic charge and discharge management platform.

2. Multi-function digital tube display, real-time power, battery voltage, charging status, discharge status, and inverter output mode.

3. SPWM pulse width modulation pure sine wave high precision low ripple regulated output.

4. Pure sine wave AC 220V isolated output, no pressure with any load.

5. Built-in large-capacity, long-life, efficient and safe lithium iron phosphate battery.

6. Intelligent BMS,battery management system can manage and monitor cells status ,like voltage ,current ,temperature and protection for overdue ,which can help to extend lifetime effectively .

7. It has short circuit, overload, over-temperature and other protection functions, which is safe and reliable.

Inverter Battery Wall Mount

System Logic of All In One Home Energy Storage System

All in one residential energy storage solution integrated inverter and lithium iron phosphate battery, reduce the inverter and battery matching communication problems, debugging time and procurement costs. This battery system can realize intelligent voltage switching and meet the operation needs of various equipment.

All In One Integrated Home Energy Storage Battery

Packaging of All In One Home Energy Storage System

Wall Mounted Lithium BatteryWall Mounted Solar Battery

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