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51.2V Low-voltage Rack Energy Storage Battery

Rack server energy storage power supply is a kind of extensible energy storage solution formed by a series of lithium iron phosphate battery and supporting intelligent lithium battery management system. The rack design is easy to install and place. The solution has flexible configuration, high reliability and high performance balance technology to improve the overall safety and service life of the product, and is widely used in the off-grid home energy storage field to provide stable power support for customers. The cabinet is equipped with a communication interface and an LCD screen to facilitate the real-time monitoring of the battery module operation status. The intelligent protection board perfectly matches the mainstream inverter brand and is suitable for a variety of customer groups.

Detail of 51.2V Low-voltage Rack Energy Storage Battery

Energy Storage Battery Case

Energy storage battery case internal integrated protection plate, cell, module structure is compact, safer design, light.

Compatibility with Leading Inverters

Cabinet energy storage battery is used with various brands of inverters to meet the grid connection, off-grid and voltage switching of customers in various markets.

Multiple Battery Modules

Multiple battery modules in parallel to achieve power capacity increase. We provide supporting power lines and communication lines to ensure the normal connection of the battery.

Specification of 51.2V Low-voltage Rack Energy Storage Battery

Rated Voltage(V)51.2
RatedCapacity (Ah)100200300400500
Rated energy(KWh)5.1610.2415.3620.4825.6
System operating voltage range(V)40-58.4
Max continuous charge current(A)200
Max continuous discharge current(A)200
Recommended C rateunit battery module0.2-0.5C
Recomend charge/ discharge current(A)50A100150180
Operating temperature(℃)-20~+60
Communicating functionCAN/RS485
Battery sizeUnit battery module:516*480*178mm
(W*D*H/mm)Black cabinet: 590*630*1170.1

White cabinet:630*630*1208.5
Battery boxIron
Weight(Kg)Unit battery module:50kg

Proscan be used in offgrid and hybrid steups,compact design
Alarm and protectionOver voltage, under voltage, short circuit, overload, over current, over temperature, low temperature protection, etc.

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rack mount battery

Packaging of 51.2V Low-voltage Rack Energy Storage Battery

Select different packaging methods according to the order quantity and product type. A single battery pack is shipped by carton + pallet mode. Ensure the transportation safety of products by installing pearl cotton and horn protection. Cabinet products use the wooden box packaging mode, the battery pack is pre-installed on the cabinet, the overall transportation, convenient for customers to use.

51.2V Low-voltage Rack Energy Storage Battery

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