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Large-scale Solar Energy Storage System Solution

ECE relies on advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology, which can provide large-scale energy storage systems, distributed energy storage systems and microgrid systems. The large distributed solar optical storage and power generation system is composed of photovoltaic modules, converter, AC-DC junction boxes and commercial solar power storage batteries. The modules of photovoltaic modules transmit electricity to energy storage converters through photovoltaic junction boxes. The EMS system intelligently manages the distribution and use of electricity, and delivers power in real time according to the requirements of the use scenarios.These solutions can be used for frequency regulation, voltage compensation, frequency regulation and power quality management in the power system.

Detail of Large-scale Solar Energy Storage System Solution

Photovoltaic Arrays

The photovoltaic array is a complete power generation unit, consisting of any number of photovoltaic modules and panels. Many 450W-580W photovoltaic modules composed of crystalline silicon cells form photovoltaic arrays installed in series on various types of supports.

Photovoltaic arrays are typically installed on residential roofs, commercial roofs and ground utility scale systems (power stations or industrial parks, etc.).

Large-scale Solar Battery Energy Storage System

The battery system is composed of lithium iron phosphate class A cell with good safety performance and long life. A single battery pack is 64V280AH, and 12 batteries are connected in series to form a 215 KWh battery cluster. Multiple battery clusters are connected in series to reach the final required capacity of the system. The battery system stores the photovoltaic power generation energy or the trough energy of the power grid to release when the load is needed, to meet a variety of application scenarios.

Battery Status Monitoring
  • Battery status monitoring

  • Events record and storage function · Operation control

  • Insulation detection

  • Dynamicbalancing management

  • Protection alarms

  • Communication

Wide-range of DC Input Voltage
  • Wide-range of DC input voltage

  • Short conversion time of full power from charge to discharge

  • Indoor or outdoor installation

  • Low voltage ride through

  • Reactive power adjustable, max.reactive power up to 500kVar

  • Active power derating

  • Film capacitor design

Controlling PCS and battery stacks to work together
  • Controlling PCS and battery stacks to work together

  • Providing local monitoring and control operation interface

  • Providing remote monitoring and control operation interface

  • Recording and storing important operation parameters as accidents and failure data.

Fire Alarm System

A highly sensitive fire alarm system is equipped with temperature sensor and smoke detector. The system has the functions of automatic fire detection, automatic fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing and automatic fire control status. At the same time, it has self-inspection function, monitoring fault and fault alarm to ensure the fire safety of energy storage power station.

Effective Heat Management

Effective heat management of the heat dissipation of the energy storage system to ensure that the system is in a constant temperature and humidity state, and prevent the energy storage system capacity attenuation, short life reduction and thermal runaway.

Specification of Large-scale Solar Energy Storage System Solution

Cell chemistryLiFePO4
Cell Model3.2V280Ah
Rated power3.2V
Rated capacity ±5%280Ah
Rated energy ±5%896Wh
Pack Method24S1P
Rated voltage76.8V
Rated capacity±5%280 Ah
Rated energy±5%21504 Wh
Operating voltage protection range60 ~ 87.6V
Battery weight≈165KG
Battery pack case materialIron

Rated energy ±5%1000kWh2000kWh
Rated voltage768V
Rated capacity±5%1400Ah2800Ah
Pack Method240S5P240S10P
Rated  ACpower250kW/500kW500kW/1000kW
Rated AC voltage400V
Rated AC current360A/720A720A/720A*2
THDi<3%( linear load)
PF adjustable range-1(leading)~+1(lagging)
Typemodular, high efficiency three level
Protectionover temperature, low temperature charging, over current, short circuit,
over voltage, under voltage, DC bus protection, etc.
Connection    modethree phase three wire/three phase four wire
isolation transformerEquipped (optional)
Workingmodegrid-tied peak shaving/off-grid power supply guarantee

General Parameters
Dimensions6058*2438*2896 mm12196*2438*2896 mm
Weightapprox.18 tonsapprox.35 tons
Protection levelIP55
Operating  temperature-25~60℃(derating>45℃)
Relative humidity0~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude3000m(>3000m  Derating))
Fire extinguishing systemFM200 pipe fire extinguishing system
Battery cabin cooling codeair conditioning cooling
Electric cabin cooling codefan cooling
CommunicationRS485,Ethernet/Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP

Container Energy Storage System Structure

Container Energy Storage System Structure

Utility Scale Energy Storage System Application

Utility Scale Energy Storage System Application

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