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Solar Energy Storage System
A solar energy storage system is a system that stores excess solar power for later use. This is typically done using a device called a solar battery.
  • Residential Solar Energy Storage System
    Residential energy storage solution covers 5 ~ 30 kWh. Solar energy, energy storage, and microgrid are used to supply power to your load during the day, and the surplus electricity is preferentially stored in the battery as a backup power source for power outages and power outages.
  • Industrial and Commercial Solar Energy Storage System
    The photovoltaic energy storage system for industrial and commercial energy storage generates electricity through solar energy and implements intelligent power supply through the built-in management system of the battery. It brings application value in peak-valley electricity consumption, capacity increase of grid distribution, electricity safety, etc.
Home Energy Storage Battery
Home energy storage batteries are the core modules of solar energy storage systems to store electricity. The most popular battery styles are low-voltage stacked, wall-mounted and high-voltage cabinet-mounted batteries. The batteries are easy installation, free expandable and energy independent, to maximize the real value of the solar system.
Outdoor Portable Power Station
Rechargeable portable power station, keep essential devices powered up during outdoor actitivities or in case of power outages. 2kW, 3kW, solar panels input, OEM, ODM acceptable with MOQ fulfilled.
Communication Base Station Backup Battery
In communication equipment, battery is an very important part of the continuous operation of the equipemnt. Compared to the lead-acid battery, LiFePO4 battery is very suitable for the communication energy storage system. For its high energy density, a wider operatig temperature range, eco-friendly features. LiFePO4 battery power system solutions UPS backup for communication base station come with rack mount and wall-mounted design.
Solar Energy Storage Solution From ECE ENERGY
ECE energy determined to become a top leader of energy storage system in various applications. We committed to supplying a professional energy solution to meet up to customers requirements. Based on experience, ECE energy provides optimal ESS by analyzing customers' energy production/consumption status. Power/Load usage patterns, design of ESS, project order & construction design, ESS installation construction.
  • Household Energy Storage System
    ECE home energy storage system solutions include battery storage, photovoltaic power generation, intelligent energy management, charging piles and safety protection. The scheme aims to improve the quality and reliability of electricity, reduce dependence on the grid, while supporting the use of renewable energy.
  • Industrial & Commercial ESS
    ECE Energy provides industrial and commercial energy storage system solutions, using advanced battery technology, with the advantages of high energy density, long life, high safety and low cost. Realize peak peak cutting, backup power and distributed energy management functions, with the use of renewable energy can reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.
  • 5G UPS Station Battery
    The 5G communication backup battery solution adopts the new lithium-ion battery technology, which has the advantages of high energy density, long life, fast charging and so on, and provides stable power support to adapt to the needs of different scenarios. Multiple protection mechanisms and intelligent temperature control technology to ensure battery safety and stability.
  • Portable Power Station
    The portable power supply of the pull rod box is an efficient, safe and convenient solution, which is suitable for the power supply carrying problem in outdoor activities. This power supply can meet the needs of various electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and cameras. It has a powerful output capability and can charge multiple devices at the same time and improve charging efficiency.
  • Custom Lithium Battery
    With its strong technical strength and innovative spirit, ECE Energy provides high-quality and personalized lithium battery customized services, covering a variety of specifications and capacities, and provides professional solutions for AGV Battery, Golf Cart Battery, Forklift Battery, RV Battery and other different fields. The production process strictly controls every link and pays attention to green production.

ECE Energy established in 2018, is a world-class provider of photovoltaic off-grid products and solutions, a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

The company has now formed our major product lines of solar controllers, micro-grid energy storage equipment, and energy storage solutions based on the "ECE ENERGY" brand.  Under the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, transcendence, and win-win" The company has established a complete sales and service network at home and abroad.  ECE Energy vision is to transform our energy ecosystem with smart, sustainable, reliable technology while providing a lasting social and environmental impact.

  • Strong Production Capacity

    We have advanced laboratory and test equipment, 3 sets of complete production lines, rich manufacturing experience and assembly technology.

  • Professional Team

    ECE team gathers top talents from various fields, engaged in the battery industry for many years, rich experience. Here, a group of talented people struggle for the same potential cause.

  • Flexible Customer-End Support

    The team insists on taking the customer as the core and putting the customer requirements first. From pre-sale to after-sale, we analyze your needs, ensure product quality, and solve your problems at any time.

It only took 3-4 hours after we received the product to install it. I was very happy not only with the product but also the ease of installation. There are plenty of instructions for everything (charge controller, inverter and the panels all had manuals with good explanations and pictures of how everything connects).

Phillip F.

ECE team provides us with a very efficient service, always can quickly feedback the information we need. They have been very rigorous in the production process, which makes us very confident about the quality of the goods. Indeed, after receiving the product, it runs in a very good condition.

Mycle Higgins / buildsafe

We are a golf club from Malaysia. We have worked with ECE four times since 2022. Now many of our ball carts use ECE batteries. This makes us very at ease, saves us a lot of energy.

Carol / Michael Broughton Limited
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