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51.2V Stackable Energy Storage Battery-A

51.2V lithium ion battery is a scalable battery backup for home medical equipment. The stackable solar batteries system adopts deep circulation lithium iron phosphate cell, intelligent management protection board, matching various common models of inverters on the market. It is a perfect solution for a photovoltaic system that can control the home energy use and maintain the uninterrupted operation of electrical appliances. Contact us for lithium ion battery 51.2V price!

Details of 51.2V Stackable Energy Storage Battery-A

Equipment Interface Instruction

Equipment interface instruction

Solar Battery Storage System

The solar battery storage system is suitable for 48V hybrid inverters, and its smart bms supports communication with inverters of most brands.

Modular and Stack Installation Design

Modular and Stack Installation Design to simplify the maintenance

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell

Lithium iron phosphate battery cell, safe and long cycle life

Specification of 51.2V Stackable Energy Storage Battery-A

Rated Voltage(V)
RatedCapacity (Ah)100200300400
Rated energy(KWh)5.1210.2415.3620.48
System operating voltage range(V)40-58.440-58.440-58.440-58.4
Max continuous charge current(A)100200
Max continuous discharge current(A)100200
Recommended C rate0.2-0.5C
Recomend charge/ discharge current(A)50100150180
Operating temperature(℃)-20~+60
Communicating functionCAN/RS485
Battery size(W*D*H/mm)520*500*350520*500*520520*500*690520*500*860
Battery boxIron
ProsCan be used in offgrid and hybrid steups,compact design
Alarm and protectionOver voltage, under voltage, short circuit, overload, over current, over temperature, low temperature protection, etc.

stackable home energy storage system advantages

Feature of 51.2V Stackable Energy Storage Battery-A

LFP Battery,Safe and long Cycle life
Stackable design,easy installation,flexiblecapacityextension
Compatible with a variety of mainstream inverter, Growat、SRNE、MUST、Deye、GOODWE、SOFAR、Victron Energy etc.
Supports off-grid and grid-connected scenarios
built-in smart battery management system (bms) protects the battery against excessively high or low voltages, high currents, short circuits, and excessive heat or cold

Appliacation of 51.2V Stackable Energy Storage Battery-A

Solar deep-cycle lithium-ion household energy storage batteries are the best choice for people to use electricity efficiently and achieve green development in the current environmentally friendly society. This home energy battery can be combined with a home rooftop photovoltaic power generation system to achieve DC-AC bidirectional conversion of electricity through an inverter, helping household owners make rational use of renewable energy.

The solar energy equipment is suitable for islands, mountainous areas, border posts, communication base stations and other remote areas or areas with unstable power supply, and also for light storage and charging energy optimization systems in new science and technology parks.

Solar Panel Battery Storage

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