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What is Centralized Solar System and Distributed Solar System?

Solar power generation system is a power generation system that converts solar energy into electrical energy by using the Solar effect. According to the construction scale and concentration of Solar power generation system, it can be divided into centralized Solar power generation system and distributed Solar power generation system.

Centralized solar power generation system: It is a photovoltaic power station built in deserts, Gobi, mountains, water and other places. The electricity obtained is directly integrated into the national grid, and the national grid supplies long-distance loads by connecting to the high-voltage transmission system. The application forms include large-scale ground power stations, agriculture-solar complementarity, forest-solar complementarity, water-solar complementarity projects, etc. The centralized photovoltaic voltage level is high, generally 35KV or 110KV voltage is connected to the grid. It is characterized by large area, long transmission distance, large investment and long construction period.

Distributed solar power generation system: refers to a small Solar power supply system configured at the user's site or near the power consumption site. It is generally built on household roofs, factory roofs, and vegetable greenhouses, etc., and can generate electricity, connect to the grid, convert, and use nearby. It can solve the problem of power loss during boosting and long-distance transmission. The voltage level of distributed photovoltaic is low, generally 380V voltage is connected to the grid. Distributed solar have the characteristics of small footprint, short transmission distance, small investment, and short construction period.

In distributed projects, what is the difference between household use and industry and commerce?

According to whether the investor of distributed photovoltaic projects is a natural person or an enterprise, distributed photovoltaic projects can be divided into two types: household solar and industrial and commercial distributed solar power generation projects.

Household solar project: It is a household natural person distributed solar project built by the owner. Household solar systems are generally installed on the roofs or courtyards of family residences, which can meet the owner's own electricity demand, save electricity costs, and also "surplus electricity connected to the grid" to create economic benefits. At the same time, the roof components can block the sun's rays, form a thermal insulation layer with the roof, lower the room temperature, and protect the environment while reducing energy consumption.

Industrial and commercial distributed solar power generation projects: refer to all kinds of distributed solar power generation projects other than household solar, where the investment subject is an enterprise and the single-site grid-connected installed capacity is less than 6 MW. Industrial and commercial distributed power stations are generally installed on the roofs of industrial and commercial buildings such as industrial plants, commercial buildings, and municipal buildings. It has the characteristics of local development, nearby consumption, low investment cost, and fast construction cycle. Photovoltaic modules are installed on the roof of industrial and commercial enterprises, which can play the role of heat insulation, moisture resistance and heat preservation, prolong the service life of the roof and increase the aesthetics.

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