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Can solar batteries power a whole house?


With the continuous development of green energy, people are becoming more and more familiar with the field of solar power generation. Solar energy storage systems have become a source of electricity for many homes. It helps households in many remote mountainous areas ,unstable electricity areas and high electricity bills areas.But do you know how much electricity your family needs to spend in a day? How much energy storage system does your home need to work properly? According to an official report, a 10kW solar system can power an average size home in most areas.

Common load power consumption list for ordinary households

Air conditioning : 1800W-2800W;

Computer: 50-300W;

Electric fan: 20-70W, generally the maximum will not exceed 100W;

Electric heating furnace: 1000W-2200W;

Electric frying pan: 1000W-2200W;

Microwave oven: about 1000W

Electric water heater: about 1000W

Vacuum cleaner: about 800W

Electric hair dryer: about 500W

Electric iron: about 500W

Laundry: about 500W

TV set: about 40 W~200W

Range hood machine: about 140W

Refrigerator: about 100W

A 10kW solar system generates electricity per day

A 10kW solar energy system is equipped with 10*580W photovoltaic panels. The amount of power a solar panel produces is proportional to the peak solar hours exposed throughout the day. Excluding weak light hours, most areas have only 4-5 hours of peak light hours in one day. Therefore, a 10kW solar system generates a capacity of 10 * 580W * 4 H = 23,200 Wh per day.

During the day, most of the family members go out, using less load and less power consumption. The photovoltaic power generation can ensure the electricity consumption of the equipment. In addition, the excess power can be stored in the system's energy storage battery. At night and in low light, photovoltaic power generation is weak, and the battery releases power in time to ensure the load demand.

The housing area required for a 10kW solar energy system

A 10kW solar energy system is equipped with 10*580W photovoltaic panels. A 580W photovoltaic panel is in size 2279*1134*35mm。Total area: 10*2279mm*1134mm=25.84386㎡


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